The new earth is here, it needs you to get activated

Ambika Suraya (Lelystad, NL)



Hello, I am your Soul, your complete Self.
Can I just have a minute of your obvious spare time?

Do you still remember why you came here?
All the ideals, dreams and hope you felt in your heart
for your SELF and for this planet before you were born?

Do you still remember
All the things you would do,
The way you would be?

Hello, do you realize it is YOU
Creating all the excuses not to listen to me,
All the illusions of ‘no time’, ‘too busy a job’,
‘the restrictions of the limited physical family life’?

Beautiful child... have you then truly forgotten
That you are so much, so much grander than that?

It was you in the first place who created these illusions
So you can dis-create them as well...

Beautiful child, check with the agenda of your heart
If you are still choosing the most efficient priorities.

It is such a crucial time,
It is your TOP life!

The time is NOW.
The lights are on...

but when do you come home,
my most precious child?

With the deepest love and respect,
This is the inner voice of your own soul.

Just feel...

-- KARA, 2010

Do you remember the beautiful work of the organization with names as Illium – Weave your World – Shalalea and Pioneers College? Well we are still here! We have continued to expand in the United States and parts of Europe live and all the rest of the world online. The new name is GATE144 in co-creation with Ascension Talk. Why all those new names you might wonder? To always be in line with the highest potential!
For a few months now Kara and Ambika from Ascension Talk are in Holland and Belgium to - in close co-creation with GATE144 ! - activate the next steps in Evolution with YOU, so that as many people as possible are ready for all that is to come in the years up t0 2012. From you it will start activating many more!
Right now this is vitally important while many are not convinced of that yet. The time acceleration continues and more and more we are creating/manifesting very quickly. Very important here is to realize you truly do not want to manifest from fear or worries … or mind. You want to do that from LOVE – JOY – FREEDOM – TRUTH.
We are offering several Ascension Intensives and 6 Quantum Classes in Belgium and Holland, to give all of you the opportunity to join.

All Dates in one line: March 11 – 14 – 17 – 18 – 21 – 22 – 28 – 29 – 30 - April 10
About the Quantum Classes:
Truly, we have to be honest and direct here: what is the point of having lived so many lives here on earth……. if you don’t step into your greatest power right NOW?
All your lives you have been prepared for this. Can you see what a grand opportunity the Ascended Masters are giving you ALL? Can you see these initiations on the highest level for SELF here? Can you see how some of us are still clinging to their excuses? How is it possible that some of us still have excuses; why we think we cannot come - based on FINITE ILLUSIONS. Time, money, physical family life and more of this MIND CRAP.
Are we being too harsh here? Oooooooo, we wish you could feel our immense love for you ALL…….. We so much like to see you BE(COM)ING REAL……. and SOVEREIGN.
The Ascended Masters are giving us an excellent CHANCE to guide us the way out of the MATRIX. We cannot do this alone, because we simply do not have the overview they have……. Their guidance makes our process smoother, easier and way more efficient.
Their support is offered through Ascended Master Yin. She inhabits the body David used to live in. After he walked out, Jeshua walked in, in 2007 and he walked out again in 2009 when Yin walked in. Do not try to grasp this by the mind, but just feel the truth of this in your heart. The life force of Yin has now fully been grounded and she is ready to be there for us NOW and many other Ascended Masters, like Ekara, Adamus and Kuthumi will speak through her.
During the Quantum Classes we will work with a big screen and will have live skype contact with the Ascended Masters to listen to ekaraia’s together and we will have Q&A’s. As we work in small groups you all get the opportunity for a life force based approach. Meaning there will be much room for personal attention!! Can you see what a unique opportunity this is?
So Quantum Classes are for those who really want to step forward on their Path of Ascension and Expansion. The first evening will be an introduction to see if you truly say YES to this, after that we will continue as groups, where we do ask the commitment to be there the 6 following evenings (once in two weeks).
We will work with you as a group and we will work with you personally, both in depth. A Quantum Class invites honesty, openness, willingness, passion for looking at Self and PASSION for growth, being beyond judgments or wanting to go there, being OPEN for change, seeing the adventure in expecting the unexpected.
A Quantum Class will always be New, arising out of the Now we are creating together. Potential tools: Teachings by Kara and Ambika, Exercises to help you grow in Awareness, Creation Exercises, Eja I Chi Pah's – A Lemurian Heritage Jeshua left us. It is a combination of words, music movement and much more. It means Being Here Now and Stepping into Infinity – One on Ones - Being the Neutral Observer of Self – and: Teachings from the AM's (Ascended Masters), also Teachings that will be recorded by Yin, especially for these groups and LIVE Q&A's with the Ascended Masters through Yin and so much more...
At this moment six (!!!!!) Quantum Classes start to open up for your subscriptions. We are in the process of setting more of these up. We still have a few spaces left in our schedule, so if you want to host this as well, please you better email us right away.

About an Ascension Intensive
How long you have been on this path of Ascension matters not, your willingness to step forward does.
 This Ascension Intensive invites openness of heart, daring to go beyond the mind, expecting the unexpected and seeing that as a beautiful adventure.
This day will have many potentials, all to inspire you to how to put being an Ascension Initiate in matter, how to grow in awareness and actioning it every heartbeat and in between.
Potentials that can be put in words: Teachings, Moments where you are your own Observer, all kinds of exercises that can inspire you into more awareness – working with creation, working with magnetics, From Lemurian Heritage: Eja I Chi Pah's, infinity signs and many more – short One on Ones to inspire your Path.
And much more, the NOW will turn into ALL and we will create a beautiful day together.
March 11 in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands – 19.00 – 22.30
March 17 in Gouderak, the Netherlands – 19.00 – 22.30
March 18 in Malden, the Netherlands – 19.00 – 22.30
March 22 in Voorburg, the Netherlands – 19.30 – 23.00
March 29 in Havelte, the Netherlands – 19.00 – 22.30
March 30 in Hasselt, Belgium – 19.00 – 22.30
Payment upfront
March 14 in Beerse, Belgium – 11.00 – 19.00
March 21 in Den Helder, the Netherlands – 11.00 – 19.00
March 28 in Breda, the Netherlands – 11.00 – 19.00
April 10 in Affligem, Belgium – 11.00 – 19.00
Payment upfront
Send your email to Ambika:



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