Soulschool - The many lives of the Soul

Arc of Light (Wassenaar, NL)



Arc of Light
Interdimensional School of Light and Consciousness
with Elisabeth Bond and Peter Goldman
Thursday 17th (5 pm) – Sunday 20th (2 pm) June 2010
at Mennorode, Elspeet, the Netherlands

The Soulschool is an interdimensional learning concept which is free of systems and vibrates above the frequency of polarity. It has taken place in Switzerland, Germany and Holland every second year for the last twelve years.
The theme is "The many lives of the Soul".

The seminar offers a space of light and supports the integration of soul qualities into human life. More and more people live consciously in a soul body in time and space, as such they are strong light channels and aware of their cosmic inheritance.
We will work with deep meditation, with the consciousness of light, colour and sound, with network techniques and with sensitivity. The nervous system will be strengthened by the light impulses which also free the codes of knowledge in the human body. Inspired talks by the teachers will raise the frequency in the vibrational fields of the brain.
Elisabeth Bond and Peter Goldman 
The many lives of the Soul
We are all one, are multidimensional and live as an individual soul light in many bodies in the many worlds of an un-separated universe
The universal lives of the soul influence our present human existence in time and matter. Interaction beyond time, coming from our light genes, has to be considered as a serious fact and is our star history. Our cell memory contains both, the biological and the light genes. So not only the history of childhood, of family and of previous lifetimes is important and influences us, also the themes of our parallel lives in other star systems influence our human existence in the earthy time frame.
In this seminar we will explore the many lives of the soul and will expand the view of our actual human life. We will remember who we are, and will remember the divine origin in the heart and the oneness of the universe.
The Soulschool will be in English
3-Day Soulschool 2010: € 300
Additional costs:
3-Day all-in lodging expenses: vegetarian meals,
coffee/tea during breaks and tourist tax
- Single bedroom with bathroom € 250 p.p.
- Double bedroom with bathroom € 250 p.p.
For information and enrolment please contact tel: ** 31 (0)70 328 09 96 or mail to
Voor inlichtingen en opgave graag contact opnemen via tel.: ** 31 (0)70 328 09 96 of via mail
Arc of Light


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