Workshop in Amsterdam: Living the Sacred Teachings of Aloha

Centrum de Roos, Amsterdam (NL)


Trefwoorden: Centrum de Roos, Amsterdam, Malamalomi, Amira Segal, Karin van Herwijnen



 Workshop in Amsterdam:
Living the Sacred Teachings of Aloha
& Private Ho'oponopono Sessions
an event by Malamalomi, Karin van Herwijnen & Amira Segal
Living the Sacred Teachings of Aloha is an intense sharing of Hawaiian spirituality, culture and history. Native Hawaiian teacher Lawrence Aki will share the ancient Hawaiian prophecies in times of big changes and how to apply them to our daily lives. This will bring us to an understanding of how to live Aloha and let go of judgements, fear and limitations so we all stay Pono, in balance, right.
Molokai Pule O'o ~ Molokai Island of Powerful Prayers 
Kumu Lawrence Kalainia Aki is the 50th generation of a traditional school of ancient knowledge from Halawa Valley on Molokai, Hawaii. In the ancestral teachings of the Hawaiian people the island of Molokai is considered to be the Piko, the center from which spiritual knowledge sprang forth. Molokai is known as the home of the most powerful Na Kahuna (priests, shamans). 
Kumu Lawrence Aki together with his student Kawika Foster is vested to share this rich knowledge of Hawaiian culture and ancestry with the world. His knowledge is full of Mana, spiritual power, and will give rare insights in the beliefs and practices of his ancestors. 
Come and listen to the Oli, songs, Mo'olelo, stories, and Huna, hidden secrets which have been preserved in the oral traditions for generations 
Molokai Nui A Hina
Molokai Island Child of the Great Goddess Hina 
Come, learn and experience the purpose of
Ho'oponopono, to make right.
Discover a way of thinking that is Aloha,
unconditional love for all things in the universe,
WORKSHOP: May 6th -8th
TIME: fr. 19.00-22.00; sat.& sun 9.30-17.30
EARLY BIRDS: €545, when paid in full before March 30th
& 25% reduction for second person  before March 30th (€450)
TIME: 9.00-17.00
Ready for a final change in your life? Letting go of old patterns? Opening up to new possibilities?
Book a Ho'oponoponosession with Lawrence Aki. 
(available for those who attend the workshop)
LOCATION: Centrum de Roos, P.C.Hooftstraat 183, Amsterdam
TRANSLATION: available in Dutch and German 
+31 (0)6 111 01 517
Karin van Herwijnen & Amira Segal
Leidsestraat 106-108
Amsterdam, NH 1017PG


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