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Kailash Kokopelli & Satyadev


"On wings of sound and songs of heart": In companionship with musician and yoga teacher Satyadev from India, Kailash Kokopelli forms the SHAMANTRA project, bridging the worlds and gathering the 4 Winds of sacred Song within the devotional heart as an invitation to sing prayers and praises to source together as one humanity on sacred Mother Earth.

Kailash Kokopelli is a medicine person, world musician and producer of Inner World Music. The world wide wandering wizard of sacred sounds and multi-instrumentalist on ancient instruments will be sharing healing prayers on Native American Flute, Medicine Chants and devotional Heart-Songs as well as meditative Mantras on the incredible Strings of his Worldstick - a unique instrument created in accordance to the golden means spiral and 432Hz healing frequency. Kailash is also a pioneer sound therapist, poet, writer, art photographer and teacher of Healing Movements called KACHIMO Kailash Chi Movements ( Besides running the in South Sweden where he researches Sound Medicine and Sustainable Solutions he is also a cross-cultural bridge-maker initiating humanitarian projects.

Satyadev is a singer, songwriter, guitar player from Kolkata, India. Brought up in an environment steeped in devotion, worship and tradition, he brings with him the pure sound of Bhakti ... in the form of soulful bhajans, mantra chants and the beautiful, insightful devotional music of the Bauls – the sufi mystics of Bengal. A devotee of Krishna, Satya carries in his heart a deep understanding of the vedic and yogic traditions and the essence and power of ancient mantras.

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plaats: Merlyn - "Hof ten Dale" - Daalstraat 2 - 9420 Erpe-Mere
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9 - 16 september 2011
concerts & workshops with

Merlyn - Erpe-Mere

Terry Oldfield & Soraya

8 - 9 oktober 2011
10 jaar MERLYN

Merlyn - Erpe-Mere

Op 8 en 9 oktober vieren we ons 10-jarig bestaan.
Tijdens dit opendeurweekend vinden er tal van concerten en workshops plaats, onder meer in de voor de gelegenheid op de binnentuin geplaatste Mongoolse yurt.

Meer hierover binnenkort op onze website.

Patrik NIELS & Myriam CAYET

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