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8 Sacred Rooms

Mastering the Art of Creation

1 Day Special Event

Sept 4 2011
Elspeet, Netherlands

In this one day Seminar we will work with all of the aspects of the 8 sacred rooms of creation. This will be an interactive experience using practical magic with each person exploring their own inner process to improve their experience as creators in physical form.  

Together we will walk through:

The Room of Creation
The Room of Fear
The Room of Forgiveness
The Healing Room
The Room of Responsibility
The Action Room
The Room of Humor
The Room of Acceptance


Bring the creation of your dreams and we will help you create the miracle!

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Watch a short video from Steve about this seminar.

Here you will have a full day interactive experience to show you how to use the art of creation step by step in your own life.  Connecting with original spiritual family and the strong love energy of the Group will trigger changes in your life to move you toward your passion.

We will go through each of the rooms and discuss the fifth dimensional principals behind each room.  The focus of this seminar is on movement and is therefore interactive.

This is a chance for you to choose to intentionally improve your abilities as creators on the New Planet Earth. 

Be prepared to MOVE!



Date: Sept 4 2011   

Seminar Fee: 100 

Special Discount: Receive 50% off Sept 4 seminar when you are registered for Sept 1-3, 2011 Step UP.

See Sept 1-3 details

Location: Mennorode Conference Center,
Apeldoornseweg 185
8075 RJ Elspeet, Netherlands 

Time: Registration from 09:00am - 10:00am

Price includes lunch, coffee and tea. Does not include lodging or travel.

You can also see info at

For additional help please contact the Netherlands Event Manager Sanne Brugemann for ticket and registration information. +31 (0) 222 313102 or
E-mail Sanne here>

1This work is for people ready to move forward in personal and spiritual evolution.  Practical spirituality for real people. We call it Practical Magic!

Presented by Steve & Barbara Rother of, Paths 2 Empowerment Seminars and the VirtualLight Broadcast. 
5 time presenters at the United Nations on 2 continents. 
Author of 5 books now in 16 languages.



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