The first three day Ask and Receive retreat in the Netherlands!

Latihan, Schijndel (NL)


Trefwoorden: Mennorode, transformation, training, Pam Altaffer

Hallo beste mensen,

Ik ben begeesterd door Ask & Receive.

Mij is gevraagd dit in Nederland te organiseren door Pam Altaffer, een van de ontwikkelaarsters.

Deze methode is fantastisch in te zetten bij traumawerk (Top Down benadering, Ontwikkelingstrauma, Shocktrauma), EFT, Logosynthesis, Energetisch werk (multi dimensionaal creëren), Systemisch Werk (Bert Hellinger), enzovoort.

Klik op de afbeeldingen in de flyer of mail naar: of 0031 (0) 73 5493222.

Latihan, Coaching Training Therapie - Jan Peeters


First Ask & Receive training in the Netherlands
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Join me in the Netherlands in April.
Don’t miss the first three day Ask and Receive retreat in the Netherlands! Pam Altaffer, one of the original creators, will be conducting this comprehensive training at the beautiful Mennorode conference centre.
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Learn to use Ask and Receive to transform physical and emotional issues, as well as to create happy and joyful relationships.
A&R is a powerful technique for releasing the traumas and limiting beliefs that are associated with chronic physical symptoms such as infections, pain, diabetes and weight gain, as well as those that contribute to stubborn interpersonal problems.
Pam will also teach you a new paradigm for rapidly transforming stuck relationships into your heart’s desire.  
Everyone has some kind of relationship whether it is with a partner, a co-worker, a relative, or with yourself. Pam will show you how changing yourself changes your world.
This three day training will immerse you in the nuts and bolts of personal transformation so you can emerge with powerful new skills, greater joy and a new perspective on life.
Click image to hear how Pam helped Sandi with her relationship!
What You Will Receive
  • You will feel completely comfortable and confident integrating the Simple and Felt Sense modalities of Ask and Receive into your practice, with yourself, and with family and friends.
  • You will know how to navigate using this wonderful technique for physical, emotional, traumatic and relationship issues.You will be well versed in the technique, the practice, and the art of Ask & Receive.
  • You will be prepared to take on those complex cases that may have stumped you before.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion.
  • A professional DVD of this training will be available for purchase.
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