"Free Energy" Experience - The Meaning of Life - November 2007 - Belgium and Holland

Komaya [Jeanine Lecluse] (Hombeek, B)




November 9-11  and  November 14-18
In Den Helder, The Netherlands  &  Retie, Antwerp, Belgium

Two Celebrations of "Free Energy" that will shift your life

:: proudly presents the following Free Earth Creation ::


In the last section of this invitation, you can find all practical information about both events

"There is water. Do you hear it, smell it, taste it? Do you feel it all around you? Inside of you? There are waves pouring out of you at every single moment.

There is a stilness. A Oneness that exists in between the beating of the heart. These are the waves coming out of you. If only you would notice that.

All of you, on this Earth, are accustemed to the beat of things, nearly no one hears the silence of the heart. They don't feel the power of stilness.

When the heart speaks its silence, the mind knows nothing. The heart is your portal into the Akene, the Divinity Center of All That Is.

Anything can be created from this space.

We will now start our teaching of the Art of Graceful Manifestation. It is about Magnetics, Geometry, Gravity, the Five Elements. It is about Lemuria.

But, my Beloved Imzaia, in order for you to learn this, you will need to undertake a journey. The quest to go beyond, to master the grand illusions.

And so it begins."

- Taken from The Space in Between

a channeling or "ekaraia" by Ekara, Sovereign Servant of Free Energy


Can you set yourself free? For real ?

You can! Do you believe that you can classify all of your life's experiences based on a set of 6 GRAND ILLUSIONS? They're called FORM, EXCHANGE, TIME, SPACE, DEATH and SEPARATION. And they're all around you. They're even inside of you, neatly tucked away in your mind so they influence everything that you think, see and do. You have been taught to see these illusions as "normal life", so you never stop to feel the grandness of the universe that is your consciousness.

This Free Energy Experience will teach you to MASTER THESE ILLUSIONS through working with the simple yet liberating laws of Universal Truth : Universal Love, Universal Joy and Universal Freedom. You will learn how to work with the Akene, which used to be a theoretical concept but is now available in a more practical way than ever before.

Ever since the move of our organisation from Europe to Big Island, Hawaii, we have been working with a beautiful, loving and fascinating Master Energy that goes by the name of Ekara. He is teaching all Imzaia about real life, giving us the Lemurian formula for universal truth. Ekara was part of the Old Lemuria, where he ascended and blended with Christ Consciousness more than 50.000 years ago. Ever since, he has been in sovereign service of humanity and all consciousness. He speaks of a New Lemuria that is very, very near.

Spiritual theory made practical... For real!

Step into your role as a Free Energy Human and learn how to work with the Akenet, get in-depth information about magnetics and geometry, vibration and frequency... and what this means in a Free Energy World.

Let Jeshua, Ambika and the others, with the Lemurian guidance of Ekara, take you on a quest for freedom. You can start again by experiencing you are part of a great collective of universal, Free Energy. This is energy without bounds or definition, it is what we have all worked for in the last decade... and it is available for you right now!

We have all stepped through the 9-9-9 portal that closed on September 27th. This Experience will prepare you for another leap forward taking place, a final 1-1-1 portal that will activate on January 28th 2008. It will bring a shift on this Earth, the likes of which hasn't been experienced since the demise of Lemuria.

During the experience, you will find out all about Lemuria, why it "faded out of this Earth's plane of existence", how the illusions came to be, and what we as a race can do about this so that things return to original freedom.

Become an Ambassador of Free Energy

In Hawaii, we learned to understand our connection to Dolphin, Whale and Turtle Consciousness and how Humanity is blending with this. Now, for the first time, we are taking this knowledge, based on the teachings from Ekara, all over the world, starting out in Holland and Belgium, Europe. Your heart will open as we bring the energy of the dolphin, the "honu" or turtle and the whale to you... we have been swimming with them daily, and so will you, in your heart!

Are you ready to let your Freedom, Love and Joy shine stronger than ever before? You will be taken through all of your illusions that you have built up in your life, in a direct, joyful and practical multi-day workshop. Completion of this Free Energy Experience will certify you as an "Ambassador of Free Energy".

This workshop is based on Ancient Lemurian and Cosmic wisdom that is known to many of the old races on planet Earth. It is a life activation, created in passion, for those who are ready to take another major step forward. 

Don't miss this opportunity to end an old way of life and jump into a high-vibrational existence where you can work from the Highest Passion that is available to you : to activate the Master within, to be a sovereign servant to the Human, Animal and Earth Cause.

Dare to take some time out of your busy schedule and give yourself the gift of a new way in the wonderful surroundings and energy of Europe.

* * * 


THE MEANING OF LIFE is a series of "Free Energy Experiences" or truth-charged seminars that are just starting to be presented all over planet Earth, by Jeshua ben Ekara, Ambika and the Imzaia Fellowship. Mastering Your Illusions is the first one in this series, based on Ekaraias and Trinity Talks presented by Ekara & friends.

An Ekaraia is a way of channeling the Free Energy that is now available to us. It goes beyond the old concept of channeling and introduces the Lemurian concept of "speaking from the heart". Ekae, in Lemurian, means "to speak". Ekai is "I speak". Caraya translates as "heart". Combining these last two words, you get Ekaraia, which is "speaking from the heart of all things".

A Trinity Talk is a blending of ekaraia, Q&A and private session. If you like, you can listen to A TRINITY TALK ON SACRED GEOMETRY (by Ekara and friends) right now.

Jeshua is a multi-channel for Ekara (who calls him a "son"), Kuthumi Lal Singh, Adamus Germain, Adama, Quan Yin, Tobias, Satya, Lemuaya, the Cosmic Twelve and many others. Depending on the type of energy that needs to be translated, different Masters present themselves. Next to this, Ekara calls Jeshua a "Speaker from the Heart of All Things". As such, he also presents lectures, insights and exercises based on what he was taught by the Masters himself. Jeshua has been working with (and in service of) the Masters & the Earth for about four years now, in this lifetime. He has done over a thousand private sessions already and is the writer of several films, television shows and a book of poetry. Even before he "awoke", his writings were spiced with spiritual phenomena, although he wasn't aware of it. Several fiction and non-fiction books are in the works that will be available through our website.

Want to hear more?

Our global WEAVE YOUR WORLD website is still in the works and will be available in about a week. We'll let you know when we go live in our upcoming newsletter. Meanwhile, you can listen to some of the Ekaraias by Ekara and friends by clicking on these titles :

THE NEW ENERGY HUMAN - part I by Ekara


HOW DARE YOU ? by Ekara

YOU ARE ALL VIBRATION by Kuthumi Lal Singh



A TRINITY TALK by Adamus Germain (following Manifesting Free Energy)

These WMA and MP3 files immediately open up in your audio program when clicked. Depending on your connection, they can take several seconds to start playing. More titles will be available soon through our website, for free!




OPTION 1: Weave your World - in Den Helder, THE NETHERLANDS

In this 3-day seminar, we'll take you through the experience relatively quickly. This means we WILL definitely bring you exercises and practical information, but we won't have time to teach you how to teach this fragile yet powerful information to others. Letting go of illusion means triggering the mind into consciousness, and this is not to be taken lightly. You will receive a certificate as an AMBASSADOR OF FREE ENERGY, but this will not include the Facilitator Certificate that you will receive in Option 2.

Date: November 9, 10 and 11

Location: Hotel DEN HELDER, in beautiful Den Helder, on the coastline of the Netherlands
Den Helder is the only magnetic-cosmic portal in the Netherlands. This is why we are so pleased to be invited back there by our beautiful host Wietske Brandsma and her wonderful husband. It will be our first seminar in Europe since moving to Hawaii, and we're proud that we can bring the Lemurian energy to this most unique of spaces. For all info about this location, visit www.hoteldenhelder.nl

Time: Registration starts at 9am. The first seminar day starts at 10am and ends at 6pm
We will start the other days of this experience at 9am. If the weather provides for it, we will take some time out in the late afternoon of the 10th, where you are invited to join us for a walk on the beaches and the dunes of Den Helder. It is important to process the information, insights and energy that you will receive by blending with the divine elements of the Earth, our Mother. Look to the bottom of this invitation for a special FREE TRINITY NIGHT on the evening of the 10th!

Tickets: Seminar Fee is 300 euro (420 US dollars) for the full 3-day experience
This price includes three lunches. Coffee, tea and water are provided for free during the breaks. If you are a facilitator and have a VAT number, we can provide you with an invoice that will be sent to your address after the experience.

Sleeping in Den Helder is not included in our ticket price
Visit www.hoteldenhelder.nl and find out if they have rooms left. Den Helder is not a big town, and other hotels are nearby. We can recommend Grand Hotel Beatrix as our previous experience there was a wonderful one. Go to www.hotels.nl/den_helder/ for more information and many other places to stay.

Registration: please email us at connect@weaveyourworld.com (mention OPTION 1)
Registration for this experience is final after receiving your payment. Once you enroll, you will receive payment details so you can transfer the necessary amount ahead of time. If you enroll before or on October 12, you will receive a 10 procent discount.

Look for some extra information about this experience, at the end of this invitation!

OPTION 2: Weave your World - in Retie, Antwerp, BELGIUM

In this 5-day seminar, we will take you to a level of understanding Free Energy that you haven't experienced before. You'll get exercises, information, training and much more... AND we will teach you how to teach this seminar to others on a 1-on-1 basis. You will receive a certificate of FACILITATOR AND AMBASSADOR OF FREE ENERGY, which will enable you to use this brand-new information on others (in your practice, for instance). When you finish this special 5-day training, we will mention you on our global website as a FREE ENERGY FACILITATOR (ask us about this through email) so others can contact you.

This seminar will not be a repeat of Den Helder, The Netherlands. It is another step, an extention. This means that you could choose to follow both of them, or just the first or the second one. There is a special price if you choose to go for option 1 and 2. Find out more near the end of this invitation.

Date: November 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18

Location: Seminar Center DE LINDE, in an authentic setting in Retie, Antwerp, Belgium
This is not the first time we organize an event in this beautiful location, surrounded by nature. We are very happy to spend 5 beautiful days there. For all information, please visit www.de-linde.be

Time: Registration starts at 9am. The first seminar day starts at 10am and ends at 6pm
We will start the other days of this experience at 9am. If the weather provides for it, we will take you into nature on regular intervals. The 16th of November, the middle of the seminar day, is filled with "light" and free activities so that you're able to relax and integrate the information and energy. Look to the bottom of this invitation for a special FREE TRINITY NIGHT on the evening of the 16th!

Tickets: Seminar Fee is 500 euro (700 US dollars) for the full 5-day experience
This price includes all lunches. Coffee, tea and water are provided for free during the breaks. If you are a facilitator and have a VAT number, we can provide you with an invoice that will be sent to your address after the experience.

Sleeping in DE LINDE is not included in our ticket price
Visit www.de-linde.be and find out what type of rooms they have to offer. Their pricing is relatively cheap. You can find other hotels in the area, but we recommend you book De Linde quickly, as many of our activities (also free activities in the evening) will happen on these grounds.

Registration: please email us at connect@weaveyourworld.com (mention OPTION 2)
Registration for this experience is final after receiving your payment. Once you enroll, you will receive payment details so you can transfer the necessary amount ahead of time. If you enroll before or on October 12, you will receive a 10 procent discount.


If you like to attend both OPTION 1 and OPTION 2, then you're in for an energy treat!

When you finish this special 8-day training, we will mention you on our global website as a FREE ENERGY MASTER TEACHER (ask us about this through email). This means that you will be able to teach this information to others on a 1-on-1 basis, AND you'll be given the liberty of setting up your own seminars.

You will receive a certificate mentioning you as MASTER TEACHER AND AMBASSADOR OF FREE ENERGY. Also, you'll be given access to a special website where you can find material to support your own teachings and access to an email address where you can ask Jeshua and Ekara questions about your own students. In short, you'll get all the help that we have to offer to make your teachings a succes.

Finally, You will get a life-long 20 procent discount on all of our future WEAVE YOUR WORLD activities and products (such as books, dvds and cds).

Special pricing for this 8-day experience is only 700 euro or 980 US dollars

Registration: please email us at connect@weaveyourworld.com (mention OPTION 3)



Extra information for this 3-day and 5-day experience

FREE TRINITY NIGHT on the evening of November 10 and November 16
Be sure not to miss this one! Following the example of Master Teacher Steve Rother at Lightworker, we have opted to begin offering a free evening at each of our multi-day seminars. On these evenings, that run from 7pm up until 9.30pm, you are invited to bring family or friends into the Imzaia energy. We will explain who we are and what we are doing, and will then go on to a special Trinity Talk where everyone can ask their questions. Should you wish to present who you are and what important work you are doing for this Earth, then this night is the night! Let us know sometime during the seminar, and we'll make sure you get a special spot! This is a free night for everybody who wants to join us but who won't be able to attend the full experience. It's our way of giving something back to our beloved Imzaia and friends...
During these events, you will experience several Ekaraias by Ekara and friends. These Ekaraias are truly a unique type of energy that will touch your lives forever. Now, for the very first time, our Ekaraias will be accompanied by live, channeled music, brought to you by our very dear UK brother and wonderful eclectic musician James Lumley. Also present : the mighty heart & guitar of Rico Herrera!
For only 20 euro (28 US dollars), you can order a unique MEANING OF LIFE - Mastering Your Illusions CD. On it, you will find all the pictures that will be taken by us during the seminar (don't forget to smile often! Our photographer Entonia shows up in the most unexpected of places!). Next to the pictures, you'll find the live music that will be recorded by James Lumley, and all the ekaraias that will be taking place! You'll be able to go back in time as many times as you want, for just a small amount of money that we use to master the CD and send it to your address. Order it when you order your tickets, or just let us know during the seminar.
through a friend or family member. WEAVE YOUR WORLD is the name for ILLIUM School-of-Life in these Free Energy times.

Interested in a private session with Jeshua and EKARA?

It's possible to have a one-hour talk from the heart with either Jeshua, or a channeled talk from the heart of all things with Ekara and/or the other Masters.

This private session is recorded on a CD and sent to your home. Everyone who undergoes these sessions ends up listening to them time and again. The information is offered on many levels, and will help you along for months after the event. We will make an appointment with you, deciding on a date and a time.

Due to the heavy travel schedule of Jeshua, Ekara and the Fellowship, we only take PHONE SESSIONS at this time. We will call you, wherever we are on the planet, so you won't be charged for the call itself.

Please be advised that there is a long waiting list at this moment, because the sessions are very popular. Book them quickly! If a session drops out of the schedule, you might receive yours quicker than you think... Spirit works in mysterious and abundant ways! :-)

You will receive an email reminder several days before the session.

COST: 100 euro or 140 US dollars (including CD and phone rates)

Want to help us by donating an amount of time or money?

This work is our Highest Passion, that is why we offer the audio and visual ekaraias on our website for free. We also do a monthly video broadcast for free.

Although we are supported by Spirit and the income generated by the seminars, we can always use your financial support. This is highly appreciated.

Also, we are always looking for volunteers that help us with transcription of the ekaraias, that want to write articles for the Imzaia Magazine, that want to help out web-wise, or more.

Email us to find out more at connect@weaveyourworld.com



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