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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.
Director of The Dream Heaven Campaign
Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School


The River of Love Project is a project that was initiated billions of years ago when beings first began to have trouble surviving in a world that had become increasingly more loveless and more fraught with danger from the Negativity, the criminal element which operates at the Spiritual Level of reality.  This criminal element is the counterpart at a spiritual level of the criminal element that instigates the negativity that we see in the world today which leads to violence on a domestic and global level and to the exploitation and abuse of people at every level of our global community.

The essential problem created by the activities of the Negativity, was that beings were cut off from Source Love which is the energy that beings run on. In the absence of this Source Love, the spiritual and physical bodies of all beings have been degenerating, dropping into lower and lower levels of vibration.  At these lower levels of vibration great suffering occurs.  Disease has become a part of people's experience – the disease of the body and mind and spirit.  Out of the distorted mental functioning of beings emerged the lovelessness that we see in the world today.

To obtain a continuous supply of Source Love it was necessary for beings to travel the Journey of Reconnection back to the Ocean of Love and merge into it, becoming a manifestation of Source Love and hence not only running on the fuel of Source Love but emanating Source Love.

With the attacks of the Negativity blocking those from traveling this journey and with the mentality of beings degenerating so they didn't even remember that they needed to run on Source Love and didn't value the reconnection with Source Love that the Journey of Reconnection would give them, very few even stopped to realize that at a very basic level they were in trouble.

Some did realize this and these were the thousands of Heaven Agents who have worked with the Source to lay the foundation for the River of Love Project.

The River of Love Project was designed to build a way station on the Journey of Reconnection - the journey back to the Ocean of Love. At this way station people could receive Source Love to help them start their journey rather than receiving Source Love as the culminating feature of their journey. This way station is the Reservoir of Source Love.  It contains not only the fuel of Source Love and Understanding that together generate "Source Power", but it contains a myriad of other resources that are the Treasures of the Reservoir.  These resources provide beings seeking refuge from the scarcity, suffering and struggle a chance to receive Made in Heaven Resources that will enable them to build Heaven instead.

The River of Love Project came to fruition with the work that was done in the “Heaven in the Making” Webinars on November 29th, December 1st, and December 15th of 2007.

On December 1st 2007 the Reservoir of Source Love opened its doors for the first 50 people who went on this historic journey.

Those who filled up their root chakra reservoir with the high potency Source Love energies that flooded through on this occasion became Rivers of Love, bringing light and love to a world that is in great need of it.  Individually they are blessed by living in the light of Source Love that establishes over time a deep sense of well-being that melts away pain and fear and releases consciousness to rise into the higher levels of vibration where Heaven can be experienced.

Those who became Rivers of Love work together in a weekly River of Love Meditation to build Heaven in the world.  They make use of the tremendous power of Source Love that they run as Rivers of Love to stop the Negativity and build the foundation for a peaceful, abundant, and love-based world.


When you listen to the broadcasts on the website:,  you will hear about the vision for building Heaven in the world and how the River of Love Project is an integral part of this vision.   You will have a chance to hear the initial broadcast that describes the journey to the Reservoir of Source Love and what it means to become a River of Love, and you will be able to find out what has happened since the first 50 made this journey.  In a recording of a recent River of Love Project Meeting Webinar you will have an opportunity to find out how people who have become Rivers of Love have experienced this transformative process and to hear answers given to questions asked by those who were new to the Project.

These broadcasts provide you with a vision of the power that people who are Rivers of Love have to turn the tables on the Negativity and work together to establish the foundation for a safe world – a world that is Heaven.

The website provides you with all the information necessary on how to become a River of Love yourself, which technical interventions you will need, and what the correct exchange is in order to receive this training. 

The River of Love training is given to you in recordings of the three historic “Heaven in the Making” Webinars. These Webinars are recordings of the live events when the first group of Heaven Agents became Rivers of Love.  They are now available to you via Replay.


Also available at this website is a Free Miracle Tool that lights up the lights of your Miracle Intelligence so that you can begin to see for yourself what is happening on the Spiritual Level of reality.   Spiritual Activists trained in The River of Love Project are encouraged to get direct Source Guidance for themselves so they will understand how to become mature Heaven Agents who know how to work with the miracles of Heaven to build a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


Those working on the Project are sending out an urgent global call to all Spiritual Activists, to work with them to build a LIGHT FIELD to protect the Earth and all of its inhabitants from an attack the Negativity is planning for March 10th. 

Those who have become Rivers of Love will be capable of producing the kind of Spiritual Power that is needed to build the Light Field.  400 Rivers of Love are needed. At present 54 are working on the Project.

The Earth has sent out a call for help.  Your help is urgently needed.  We urge you to become a River of Love and to work with us to build the Light Field. 

Webinars will be held on March 8th and 9th for all those who have completed the River of Love training and who have prepared themselves to assist in building the Light Field.

This Light Field will not only create a protective space that will shield us from the Negativity, but it will establish the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which Heaven can manifest.  Since the miracles that manifest the Heaven of a Miracle-Based World only appear in a Miracle-Friendly Environment, all those who wish to step out of the suffering of this world into the Heaven of an abundant, peaceful, and love-based world, need to come forward now to contribute to the work of building this Light Field.

We call upon your Miracle Self to join us in this amazing Journey –
this labor of love to stop the suffering and build the Heaven that life was meant to be.

The time is now and you are the one who is needed.

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D., Director of The Dream Heaven Campaign
Spiritual Activists from The River of Love Project


The River of Love Project is just one of the many projects to build Heaven in the world. More information is available at:  



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