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Systemic Constellation Work
and Inner Navigation
20 Days Certified Training Course
from February 19, 2009 to November 5, 2009 with
Johannes Benedikt Schmidt
A certified training in Systemic Thinking and Constellation Work




Systemic Constellation work and Inner Navigation
20 Days Certified Training Course
This introduction into systemic thinking and constellation work prepares you for the challenges of an ever more complex world. The interconnectedness of our life can not be grasped with analytical thinking alone. New ways of pre-sensing and understanding what is to come are essential for our effectiveness in a fast changing world.
In this training you will learn the potential of systemic constellation work as well as theory about systemic thinking. We will deal with questions of all aspects of your life as undue specialisation will not provide the fitness you need for global challenges to come. Questions about your life-situation, career, family, personal processes, spirituality, organizational, strategic or philosophical issues as well as your relational capacity are all welcome to fully fathom the potential of this work.
This training appeals to professional people from all walks of (business) life, who feel concerned about the human factor in their daily routines.
This training is not only a ‘training’. It is also about taking you, your present situation and the fast changing world seriously. It is a perfect course to enrich your thinking with transforming ideas, moving experiences and embodied cognition.
The group will range from 14 – 20 people. Previous knowledge is not necessary for attendance. However experience in Coaching, or Consulting techniques, as well as self-modification is advantageous. Johannes Schmidt facilitates the course in English (basic knowledge is sufficient). Documentation and books are available in Dutch and English.
Johannes Benedikt Schmidt is the founder of the Aptitude-Academy, a cooperative network for human and collective development in Europe, and author of the book “Inner Navigation (2006)”. His charisma, dedication and humour make him a very beneficial person to train with. He holds a Master Degree in Psychology and is trained in Constructivist-Systemic Work, Constellation Work, Behaviour Therapy, Hypnosis, body-based Traumawork, and Craniosacral Biodynamics. Johannes has been facilitating constellations since 1993. His sharp perception, compassionate honesty, and unconventional simplicity have been appreciated by workshop participants in several countries. Currently, he pursues doctorate studies at the Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA. See for more information.
Block 1: Attitude and perception : February 2009, 19-20-21
- Setting the framework
- First experience with constellation work
- Get started in our own practice
- Understand the essence of Inner Navigation
Block 2: What is systemic? : March 2009, 19-20-21
- Differentiation Systemic versus non-systemic
- 'Constructivist' versus 'Phenomenological' systemic
- Exercises and practical applications
Block 3: Different types of constellations, personal issues and settings :  May 2009, 28-29-30
- Exploration of family-, organisational-, structural-, political
- Trauma-constellations and other latest developments
- Personal process work and deepening of Inner Navigation
Block 4: Structural Constellations : July, 2009, 9-10-11- The power of structures and the solution-focused attitude
- Basic structures: problem-constellations, the hidden subject
Block 5: Work live with clients : September 2009, 15-16-17 (Tuesday-Thursday)
- Methodological way for leading the initial interview
- Guidelines for finding one's way through the constellation
- Setting up a framework
- Practical issues of handling the context and set up
- Fields of application
- Overcoming the mental consciousness structure
Block 6: Supervision and follow-up : October 2009, 20-21-22 (Tuesday-Thursday)
Block 7: Certification : November, 4-5 (Wednesday-Thursday)
Thursday (15.00 - 21.00 h): Welcome, personal experiences and questions, evaluation peer-teams, practice.
Friday (09.00 - 18.00 h): Full learning day with theory, personal practice, own cases and group 'intervision'.
Saturday (09.00 - 16.00 h): Full learning day with theory, personal practice, own cases and group 'intervision', planning peer-teams.
Please note :
Block 5-6 : Tuesday (15.00-21.00), Wednesday (09.00-18.00),Thursday (09.00-16.00)
Block 7  :    Wednesday (09.00-21), Thursday (09.00-18.00)
INVESTMENT : 3.500 € for the 1-year program including 700€  for certification, documentation, lunches, drinks and coffee.
REDUCTION  : Check on  you can be considered for a reduction (50 %)
SUBSCRIPTION :  see the electronic form on our website
“Constellations have shown themselves to be an effective tool with similar awaking capacities. Another quality of constellations is that they make a highly useful use of our lifetimes, both the clients and mine, by going straight to the point and revealing where some more work is highly useful”.  A.B. Consultant
“In een heel delicate rechtszaak kon ik tot een onverhoopte regeling met de tegenpartij komen. Ik had dit louter te danken aan de vrijgekomen informatie uit de opstelling én aan mijn inzichten, opgedaan tijdens de opleiding. Op die manier betaalde de cursus zichzelf zonder meer volledig terug”.  R.vd A. Bedrijfsleider accountantbureau.
“Systemisch werken biedt heel wat mogelijkheden binnen mijn onderwijssetting. Ik zie in de nabije toekomst zowel in werk als privé nieuwe kansen en hoop daarop in te kunnen gaan vanuit mijn hart en in liefde met mezelf”. J.S. Directrice onderwijsinstelling
“In mijn persoonlijk proces, basis van het begeleiden van veranderingsprocessen in mijn organisatie, heb ik mogen ervaren welke veranderingen systemisch werk met zich meebrengen”.  E.D. HR Manager interimbureau
“Deze opleiding heeft zoveel poorten geopend en inzichten gebracht die raken aan nog meer domeinen die ik met veel voldoening verder exploreer”.  J.W. IT consultant
“Tijdens de cursus voelde ik mij als een vis in het water. Ik genoot van alles wat ik mocht meemaken. Ik heb zoveel meegenomen dat ik nu nog steeds merk dat ik onderdelen ervan moet verwerken”.  L.H. Consultant
“Ik heb geleerd dat mijn lichaam veel eerder voortekenen uitzendt dan dat mijn hoofd de situatie kan begrijpen. Mijn hoofd is nu meteen leeg; gedachten van goedkeuring en angst voor afwijzing zijn afwezig. Ik sta in mijn kracht”. T.M. Ziekenhuisbeleid

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